Christine De Mianville

From their half hectare of vines in the Jasnières appellation at L’Homme, Christine de Mianville and her husband Bernard produce two cuvées of Jasnières, which represent 3000 bottles per year of Chenin Blanc.

Christine was born in Quebec but came to the Loire specifically to work with Chenin Blanc. She also teaches in the Lycée Viticole in nearby Montreuil-Bellay while Bernard works as a viticultural consultant.

Grapes are picked by hand and put into small boxes. Vines are treated using natural-made mixtures from horsetail, nettle and various plants. Helped by “Fakin”, a big donkey, work in the vineyard is done manually following organic processes.

Their aim is to produce wines which are as dry as possible to reflect the peculiar minerality of Jasnières. As a result, fermentation can last up to one year in order to eradicate any residual sugar. Another side effect of this long process is that the wine doesn’t need any filtration, it clarifies itself.

Production may be small but Christine’s wines are clearly worth following. Her wines can be found in some of the best restaurants in Paris such as Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoie, Jacques Cagna and Charles Barrier in Tours

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