Les Enfants Sauvages

Carolin and Nikolaus, both German, used to spend their holidays in the South of France. They were searching for a place to buy and in 1999 they literally fell in love with an old sheepfold in the hills of Fitou. At that time Carolin was an architect and Nikolaus was running the family business. We would probably have never talked about them here if there weren’t some hectares (7.5 ha) of abandoned vines attached to the property.

They settled down in Fitou in 2001 with their two young sons, Falk and Juri. With a strong focus on natural and biodynamic techniques, Carolin and Nikolaus started their winemaking odyssey…

The vineyards are in a breathtaking amphitheatre above Fitou, isolated from neighbours. Influenced by the tramontane wind and surrounded by garrigues, herbal scents of thyme and lavender float in the air.

In 2001 and 2002, they first supplied the local cooperative. Jo Pithon convinced them to produce their own wine and lent them some material and space in his cellar. Then, after an enormous amount of work and sacrifice, they were able to produce their first vintage in 2003.

Their wines display a great typicity which can be described as their signature. Aromatic purity, freshness and finesse go hand in hand with complexity added by the terroir.

Starting from scratch only 10 years ago, Carolin and Nikolaus’ wines are recognised by some of the best chefs around the world. We shall certainly hear more about these two rising stars in the near future!

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