Porte Saint Jean

I met Sylvain in 2015, intrigued by the fact that nearly every winemaker I was chatting to was mentioning his name. Sylvain’s domain is situated in Montreuil Bellay (rue Porte St Jean). With his French winemaking qualifications and impressive work experience at Chateau Yvonne, Thierry Germain, Clos Rougeard (frères Foucault), Gerard Gauby, Marc Tempe, you would never guess Sylvain is still only in his 20’s. Sylvain is also the son in law of Charly, one of the frères Foucault.
Sylvain works the soil and aims to produce terroir wines that are not only accessible, fresh, complex now, but that will be even better in 10 years’ time.
Vinification happens at his home and juices are transferred through a pipe to his superb cellar dating back to at least the 15th century. Wines mature at the perfect temperature and humidity in 1 to 2 year old barriques from Chateau Latour and Clos Rougeard (red) and barriques from Burgundy (white). There is no filtration, no collage, low so2 and long maturation. Orchestrated by a future great of the Loire, Sylvain’s wines are elegant, long, persistent with a beautiful substance. I am happy to distribute such talent in Australia

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